Mannat Sewa Sansthan

 Mannat Sewa Sansthan is a Non-profit organisation for de-addiction & rehabilitation at Jhalamand Pali Road,Just Behind Sun Art, jodhpur(Raj.). This organisation have a good ,Dedicated and experienced team. with the teamwork,the addict patient can make feel himself that he's with a good support,and by this he can kick off the addiction far from him.

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Mannat Sewa Sansthan,is a begining towards the end of the social and ecomomical harrasment of an addict people,it gives a chance to re-build ,rehabillitate an addict person,by giving him appropriate,counselling,treatment and atmosphere.

It is kind Of organisation where whole the team member are totally dedicated to their work,their responsibility and towards the patients.this centre used to do counseling to the patients ,give them proper guidence and acknowledgement as well as their treatment.many quiz,contests,games,cultural programms ,activities are being done with the patients by the team,like a family.

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Mannat Sewa Sansthan(Non-profit organisation for de-addiction & rehabilitation) situated at Jhalamand Pali Road,Just Behind Sun Art, jodhpur(Raj.).